April 9, 2018 bcook

4 Myths about Advertising: Debunked!

Team from TV Show Mythbusters

While we won’t be talking experiments, crash dummies, and explosions (sadly); we will be taking a look at some facts, theories and common misconceptions about advertising and ad agencies.


Advertising is immoral/unethical, it misleads people.

This is the most common myth about advertising. While some companies have crossed the line, the majority of advertising is about selling an experience/lifestyle and showing authentic stories. With the influx of video/photo reviews, consumers are demanding more transparency from companies, and that is keeping companies honest. We have all seen how quickly a dangerous or misleading product can be called out on social media and illicit a recall or formal apology. It should also be noted that the Federal Trade Commission has strict advertising standards and practices leading to harsh punishment for offenders. Consumers now have the power to research brands and their claims, which will lead to a decline in misinformation.

Advertising is the same as public relations.

The only common thread between advertising and human relations is that both communicate on behalf of a company. Public relations, however, focuses on getting free media exposure for the company and its products/services. Public relations representatives focus on the immediate needs of a company to relay information (think a press release or news conference) while advertising builds relationships with consumers over a period of time via text, image, GIF and video.

Our product/service speaks for itself so we don’t need advertising.

How can you be sure your perfect customer is buying your product? Without the creation of an all-encompassing brand experience, your customer maybe looking right past you and at your competitors. Ad agencies provide the framework to target specific demographics, plan and manage a variety of campaigns, develop customized social media content and keep your website current. The key element is that a professional agency (like The C3 Group) will first listen to your needs and then tailor the campaign to your business– not the other way around. We are on the same team!

Anything a firm can do, we can internally.

To quote McFadden/Gavender, “that may be true, providing you have a degree in art, writing, design, public relations, media, web development, and marketing. You’ll also need to spend considerable time staying current on posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, including the production of videos.” We specialize in ways to enhance your brand and interaction with customers. You specialize in running your business, managing day-to-day operations and overseeing staff/client relations. When each party works within their specialty, they are at the best.

If you have any other questions about advertising and the services ad agencies can provide, contact us! We would love to get you on the path of interacting clearly and meaningfully with your customers.

A little side note…

In the spirit of “myth busting” here are some of my favorite tested myths:

  • An avalanche can be caused by a person yodeling: BUSTED!
  • People can easily recognize the backs of their own hands: CONFIRMED!
  • It is impossible to herd cats: CONFIRMED!

If you are interested in an amazingly detailed list of EVERY myth tested on Mythbusters and their results, check out https://mythresults.com/

Author, Laura V. Boston
The C3 Group